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Technical advisory services

We provide technical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy, with an emphasis on social performance and conflict prevention and resolution, to
the natural resources sector. This ranges from carrying out ESG risk
reviews and due diligence on existing and planned projects to the research and
development of innovative tools and approaches to support achieving and
maintenance of social licence to operate, through good social performance. We
contribute to and present published papers about our research, work and
approaches at leading conferences globally.


ESG Due Diligence

ESG due diligence and risks reviews of natural resource projects for Investment and Financial Institutions, mergers and acquisitions:

  • Mineral exploration and mining;

  • Renewable energy;

  • Forestry

ESG and Social Performance Advisory

As ESG advisors we adopt the role of a ‘critical friend’  to provide experience and expertise from an independent perspective for your project to:

  • Reduce dependency through developing market system approaches and creation of extended shared value initiatives.

  • Provide internal scrutiny of, and advice on planned and high risk changes to existing programmes.

  • Speak truthfully, but constructively, about problems, weaknesses and emotionally charged issues

  • Ask provocative questions and examine information through another lens


Livelihood Restoration Planning

Understanding what potentially displaced people have and what they value is essential for effective livelihood restoration planning.

Using asset based approaches we map existing natural resource use, livelihood priorities making sure all voices are heard.

We support participatory development of ‘sustainable change goals’ for the affected communities by the affected communities.

We facilitate development of effective structures and processes to support implementation of livelihood restoration activities.

Security, Safeguarding and Conflict Resolution

We work with and support projects to  prevent and resolve resource-based conflict using values-based approached to:

  • Assess social licence potential and issues;

  • Develop and advise on appropriate security protocols for complex situations

  • Negotiate and mediate  settlement agreements; 

  • Training and advice on the Voluntary Principles of Human Rights and Security

  • Facilitate  development of accountability structures and processes to manage agreed outcomes.


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