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Mr Abdikarim Abdi Adan


Mr  Abdikarim Abdi Adan is a seasoned  professional with over 30 years of experience in the public, private and NGO’s sectors. He has a track record of developing business and development network in both the UK and Somaliland.

Abdi is passionate in promoting inward trade and investment between Somaliland and with rest of the World and has successful guided and introduced International Brand Household names to successfully trade with Somaliland. 

Recently completed 5 years of working at the heart of the Government of Somaliland as Senior Advisor, working of various institutions in addition to his work over 30 years in the UK, his combined knowledge of working in Africa and Europe has a valuable asset to Sazani. He hasn advising companies in the extraction sector on exploration specifically with regards to engagement with local Communities, Government and other significant stakeholders. 

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