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Research and Training

We are actively involved in the research and development of innovative solutions and approaches to fostering and enabling effective engagement and shared value across the value chain. We bring this into our development and delivery of bespoke training and workshops for continuing professional development, post graduate diplomas, residential programmes and international conferences. We are specialists in face to face participatory training and in translating this for an online setting.

We train teachers, trainers, corporate executives and practitioners to think critically about global complexity and how to navigate and develop solution orientated approaches.

We train researchers, project managers and practitioners in participatory approaches to research , planning and management and we train geologists, geoscientists and engineers about social performance and social accessibility

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Global Learning Pathways for Teachers

Sazani supports teachers and school leaders to improve teaching, giving students the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make a positive contribution now and in the future. Through connections with other schools, professional development for teachers and engaging learning resources, Sazani supports learners to gain critical thinking skills to deliberate, understand, live and work in a globalised world.

Sazani is a registered provider of teacher CPD training for the British Council. Our Global Learning Pathway course builds on 20 years of Sazani’s cross-curricular links and curriculum development including out Healthy and Sustainable Schools Project (HSSP). The Global Learning Pathway is provided absolutely free to all educational professionals. If you are a teacher and are looking to build your schools skills on issue surrounding global learning, bring the sustainable development goals into your classroom, contact us and we will be in touch.

Bespoke Social Performance Training

As social licence continues to dominate the business risk indices, an understanding of the basic principles of social licence to operate is essential for mineral exploration and the mining companies.

Social licence to operate can be regarded as the outcome of good social performance resulting from three interrelated aspects: understanding the ESG context, effective engagement, and maximising shared value opportunities.


Sazani develops and delivers bespoke training in a face to face or online setting in navigating social performance and social licence to operate for early-stage career geoscientists, post-graduates, mineral exploration and mining companies. Understanding what is known and not known is equally important as knowing when to bring in the specialists. Contact us for more details.

Participatory Action Learning

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Bespoke training  using a participatory action learning approach to adaptive management. This course is aimed project managers, community development practitioners interested is  enabling, measuring and assessing sustainable change and is delivered in a face to face or online setting, introduces Sazani’s sustainable change approach to research and planning. It includes a range of mix and match modules as follows:

- Participatory natural resource use mapping

- Rapid rural assessment techniques

- Sustainable change visioning

- Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning(MEAL)

Who Decides? A Participatory Learning Activity for the Mineral Sector

A virtual participatory learning activity, developed in collaboration with University of British Columbia, to introduce participants to some of the complexities mining projects face from exploration through to closure, through a fictitious scenario. Get emersed in a range of perspectives on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues  facilitated by industry experts, exchange in deliberative dialogue and reach a decision on whose voice counts.

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Project VECTOR

As partners in this exciting Horizon Europe Project, co funded by UKRI we are:

Exploring the value of critical enquiry in education systems, engaging teachers  from Ireland, Italy and Bulgaria in a participatory action learning and research process focussing on the Green Deal.Exploring and researching potential new business models and metrics to determine opportunities for shared value in the critical raw material sector.

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