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4 unique programmes 

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Safety Wear
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Blue solutions volunteer

Safety Wear

Road safety volunteer

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Green Legacy volunteer

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Market and

Enterprise Volunteer

Fees and contact

Join our Sazani Voluntourism program for an enriching experience that merges volunteering with tourism, priced at £1000 for a two week stay, covering accommodation, food, activities, and transport. Our programs are carefully crafted to contribute positively to Zanzibar by addressing specific local needs and fostering sustainable change through training

and empowerment activities developed in collaboration with our partners. Volunteers will embark on a breath-taking journey to Zanzibar. Our projects engage, collaborate and support local communities whether it's supporting vocational training centers, collaborating with various ministries in Tanzania, presenting the benefits of educational and innovative collaboration, or engaging with communities. Sazani Associates and Sazani Trust provide a diverse range of infrastructure and experience for you to learn from and engage within; from a comprehensive introduction including exposure to local culture and hospitality, we also provide mentoring throughout your stay as well as assistance with flight itineraries, visa requirements, and insurance arrangements.

Traveling with a purpose offers a unique perspective and an authentic experience that goes beyond typical tourist

activities. We invite you to engage in this meaningful journey through Sazani Voluntourism. Together, let's learn, grow, and

make a positive impact.

For inquiries, please contact us at:

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Plastic Bottles

Blue solutions

• Upon arrival on day 1, you'll receive a warm welcome where you

will be picked up from the airport and supported in settling in.

• Day 2 and 3 begin with orientation and cultural immersion,

followed by discussions and an introduction to our projects at the

Dasani Office in Stone Town, SUZA.

• From day 4 to 7, engage in meaningful project activities including

a beach waste survey, beach clean-up, and learning about

repurposing, reusing, and recycling to reduce waste.

• Day 8 offers an exciting boat trip to Chumbe Island just off the

coast of zanzibar.

• Days 9 to 12 are dedicated to creating products, making reels,

and designing posters to promote the reuse of plastic waste.

• Finally, days 13 and 14 provide leisure time to unwind and enjoy

the stunning Sazani Beach. Join us in making a positive impact

while exploring the beauty of Zanzibar!

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Green legacy 

• Upon arrival on day 1, you'll receive a warm welcome where you

will be picked up from the airport and supported in settling in.

• Day 2 and 3 start with orientation, cultural immersion, and

discussions, followed by an introduction to our project at the

Sasani Office in Stone Town, SUZA.

• From days 4 to 7, engage in exciting project activities including a

visit to the mangroves, forest quadrant surveys of flora and fauna.

• Day 8 offers an exciting day trip to Jozani Forest.

• Days 9 to 12 are dedicated to quadrant and transect surveys, as

well as creating reels for social media to share our conservation


• Finally, days 13 and 14 offer leisure time at Sazani Beach for

relaxation and enjoyment. Immerse yourself in nature and

contribute to meaningful environmental projects with us!

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Road safety

• Upon arrival on day 1, you'll receive a warm welcome where you

will be picked up from the airport and supported in settling.

• Day 2 kicks off with an orientation and cultural immersion session,

followed by discussions and an introduction to our projects at the

Sazani office in Stone Town.

• From day 3 to 7, you'll engage in project activities focused on

supporting English language skills in classrooms, coupled with road

safety training activities in preschools, primary schools, and lower

secondary schools.

• Day 8 offers an enriching spice tour, immersing you in Zanzibar's

vibrant culture.

• Days 9 to 12 are filled with project activities, including road action

campaigns with posters and messages.

• Finally, days 13 to 14 provide well-deserved free time to relax and

enjoy the beautiful Sazani Beach. Don't miss this opportunity to

make a difference while exploring the beauty of Zanzibar!

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Market and entrepreneur 3-4 week scheme 

FUBU, a proposed initiative by our NGO for example aims to use tablets to enhance employability and assist with CV building for students and vulnerable groups in Zanzibar. The project addresses high youth unemployment and rural poverty by empowering local populations with technology-driven education. It particularly focused on aiding women, notably single mothers, who are disproportionately affected by poverty, equipping them with vital skills and opportunities for sustainable employment and improved family stability.

Possible tasks and responsibilities as a market and enterprise volunteer:

Needs Assessment and Community Engagement: Targeting schools and rural areas with high unemployment, introducing tablets to support extracurricular programs like English cafes, agroforestry days, CV building, and job posting services linked to ethical enterprises.

Tablet Distribution and Training:

Distribute tablets across selected schools and communities, organising training tailored to local literacy and cultural backgrounds. Training sessions will be facilitated by our team with the help of volunteers, with a vision for future community management.

CV Building Workshops:

Conducting workshops to enhance job-seeking skills, such as CV writing and interview practices. Also, fostering community consortiums for job opportunities tailored to individual skills and ambitions.

Embark on the impactful voluntary Youth Enterprise skills


 Week 1

Introduction to Zanzibar and some individual key skills:

The first week involves arrival, cultural induction, and an introduction to the YES (Youth Enterprise Skills) scheme.

Participants are meant to develop a growth mindset through short practical activities. Your best you, your best idea is the slogan. Support applications and interviews.


Week 2

Youth Enterprise Skills:

The second week aims for you to think like an entrepreneur and develop entrepreneurial skills. Problem solving is one of them and finding solutions for the world around you.

Sustainability and responsible business practice and leadership are crucial but also understanding and managing money. How do you pitch an idea?

Business start up Self-employment and launching a venture. Strategizing your

enterprise, including financial planning, negotiation skills, and agreements. Crucially, navigating and overcoming setbacks.

Week 3 and 4

Marketing your product:

Week 3 centers on Market Understanding and the seven C’s of marketing, an introduction to digital marketing strategies and face-to-face communication skills. Crafting a digital campaign will be the aim.

Once you’ve reached a satisfying stage with your work in week four you will have the opportunity to enjoy your  free time and explore the island of Zanzibar.

A Market and Enterprise Volunteer in Zanzibar should bring a blend of skills to the table to effectively contribute to the local market and enterprise landscape.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Demonstrating creativity, initiative, adaptability, and resilience in identifying opportunities, solving problems, and driving innovation in the local market.

Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and respecting the local culture, customs, and traditions in

Zanzibar is crucial for building relationships and conducting business effectively.

Social and Environmental Responsibility: Commitment to ethical business practices, social responsibility, and sustainability.


Sazani Beach embodies a strong commitment to

sustainability, embracing eco-tourism practices that

prioritize harmonious coexistence with local

communities while minimizing strain on their

resources. Our hotel operates entirely on renewable

power, foregoing amenities like air conditioning,

televisions, and refrigerators in rooms. Instead, we rely

on fans, the natural sea breeze, and a strong WIFI



for more information on accommodation

• Constructed and furnished using local materials

and methods as much as possible

• We limit use of plastic to the absolute minimum,

our water is filtered and available by bottle refills

or, served in glass bottles

• Our food is sourced locally and responsibly, with

our meals combining Zanzibar spice island cuisine



Fahmi Lodge is located in the centre of Stone Town, the

historic heart of Zanzibar, a captivating labyrinth of narrow

streets, bustling markets, and carved wooden doors. The

UNESCO World Heritage site is rich in cultural and

historical significance, featuring a blend of Swahili, Arabic,

Persian, Indian, and European architectural styles.

landmarks are the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, the

winding alleys lined with shops selling antiques, spices,

and local artworks such as Gizenga street and the food

market Forodhani, all offering a vivid taste of Zanzibar's

vibrant cultural mosaic.

The hotel offers a range of amenities, including rooms

with both AC and fans, as well as strong WIFI. It provides

an ideal retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, allowing

guests to relax and enjoy the vibrant colors, enticing

smells, and cultural treasures of the surrounding area.

• Stone Town in Zanzibar is a UNESCO World Heritage site

known for its rich historical and cultural significance

• The town's history is intertwined with the spice trade, visitors can explore spice markets and learn

about spice production.

• Stone Town offers a variety of culinary delights, from traditional Swahili dishes to fresh seafood and street food.

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