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Our founding directors, Cathryn, Ian, Marilyn and Mark, set up Sazani Associates, initially as a voluntary association
to participate in a UNESCO : FAO Flagship Project: Education for Rural People, working in partnership with
organisations from 10 countries: Italy, France, Wales, Zanzibar, Senegal and Bolivia. Over a period of three years
Sazani collaborated on situational analysis of education in rural areas and the establishment of a community of
practice to improve access, teaching capacity and quality of provision to relevant education and training, culminating
in a UN dialogue with Government Ministers and UN representatives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In Zanzibar, Sazani supported our Italian friends ACRA to register an office and develop a pro-poor tourism project,
which was funded by Europe Aid. In parallel, Sazani supported NGRID with negotiating access to community land
preparing livelihood restoration initiatives across Pembrokeshire in lieu of compensation.

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